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Retain us now  and see what a hard working team of Building Permit and Code Compliance Specialists can do for you;

• We contact the appropriate officials for you

• We determine a list of options

• We verify how to avoid fines for you

• We analyze the details of your case

• We report to you the services you will need

• We explain those services you need in detail

• We estimate the costs of those services

• We stand ready to fight for you

So, for only $199.00

You will know where you stand, and how to move ahead


How Our Code Compliance Specialists Help You

We contact the appropriate officials for you

Prompt and proper communication with code officials is very important.  Without many years of experience working on code and permit issues, you probably would not know all the right questions to ask to achieve the best solution to your problem. You may not initially even know what the best solution is. The right questions made on your behalf from an experienced specialist at The Permit Clinic can often save you a lot of time, money and stress. 

Considering that a code official probably will not volunteer all the possible solutions to your problems, it is very important to know what questions to ask.  Your initial conversation with the code official could easily result in you’re taking an uninformed and partially fear influenced direction to try and reach compliance in the shortest amount of time.  Also, after your initial discussion, the code official may not be available when you are. You might just move forward with something less than the best solution.  Later on you may not have enough time to change direction.  There are often solutions that might have been allowed by the code enforcement official if the right questions were properly asked at the appropriate time.  Let The Permit Clinic ask the right questions for you.

Based on many years of experience, our specialists have accumulated a comprehensive list of questions that are designed to determine the most efficient solutions to your problem.  We  consider the time requirements necessary to achieve those solutions.  Preventing poor or untimely choices in the beginning of the process of compliance will help you to avoid large fines at the end.  So, let The Permit Clinic use our skills and experience to explore your choices and help you to avoid any additional problems that could easily occur because of poor communication.

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We determine a list of options

The Permit Clinic understands that being unsure of the best compliance options (and how to best proceed) will usually cause delays that result in fines.  We know from experience how to help you neutralize that indecision. 

By explaining your full range of options, we can help you achieve your goals with respect to your violation/complaint.  We learn more about your case, tell you where you stand and advise you on how best to proceed.

We contact the code enforcement official for you. We determine a list of verified options for you which may best help you to avoid fines.  Based on our conversations with municipal officials and utilizing our experience, we are also analyze the details of your case and preparing a report that explains the details and estimated costs of the additional services you will need to achieve the final option you select from the report. 

Let us stand ready to help you avoid stress and save you as much money and time as possible. Let us help you (within your specific set of circumstances) avoid any unnecessary expenses relating to making improvements.  Let us help you avoid any municipal fines relating to your violation/complaint.

Let The Permit Clinic also help you define and consider your various compliance options and compare their feasibility. We can determine the best options with respect to cost and time and will even share strategies for avoiding any additional violations.

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We verify how to avoid fines for you

Time delays can cost you money when you receive a violation/complaint. If your violation/complaint is not brought into compliance in the initial amount of time given by the municipality, fines can (and usually will) be imposed.  Then those fines will continue to grow from there. 

That is why we often use the phrase “stop the clock” to generally refer to the first service we provide to you to help you avoid fines.  The value of this service cannot be overemphasized.  Let The Permit Clinic “stop the clock” for you and help you stop fines from occurring and/or growing.

Generally fines seem to just “materialize” because the property owner is not fully aware that fines would (or even could) occur from a violation/complaint. Even when made aware of the potential of fines, indecision causes delays.  Being unsure of the best compliance options (and how to best proceed) will usually cause those delays that then cause fines.

Avoid fines and expensive delays.  We can help you. We can proactively make you aware of the likelihood of potential fines and we can anticipate those fines and address them before they materialize and then become irrevocable.   Let The Permit Clinic specialists explain your options and help you avoid the delays that cause fines.

We know that a violation/complaint does not necessarily have to mean a fine and that the best way, by far is to stay ahead of fines.  The Permit Clinic believes “Proper progress in the initial stage of the compliance process can save you from having to pay large fines at the end.  Therefore, avoiding fines is all about timing”.  We prefer to address the violations/complaint before fines become an issue.  It is surprising how often this basic method of avoiding fines is delayed, and then serious fines accrue and become irrevocable.

Fixing the problem in the initial time allowed is the most obvious way to avoid fines.  Of course, time might just be the problem.  You may not be sure how to best fix the problem in time, and/or you may not be in the financial position to fix the problem anyway.  At that point you simply need more time to decide what to do.  The Permit Clinic can help. 

Often, The Permit Clinic can help you avoid fines by our prompt and professional attention to the details of the compliance process.  In other words, you might avoid fines by simply calling The Permit Clinic early enough for us to determine the details of how to help you avoid any fines.

Fines are frustrating, but they don’t have to become a financial crisis as well.  The Permit Clinic has a number of ways to get time limits extended so you can solve the associated violation/complaint problems without the expense of added fines.

If you do not avoid a fine, it is still very important to control that fine by addressing it as soon as possible, before it is allowed to escalate.  Unattended violations/complaints will promptly accrue fines that add up quickly. 

Some fines may grow at a modest rate, but in most cases, fines are large and accrue on a daily basis.  Therefore, it is best to let The Permit Clinic address your fines in a timely manner.

To control your fines, we must first determine how long it will take to complete the list of mitigation work that your project will require to reach full compliance.  Then The Permit Clinic can verify how to “stop the clock” long enough to control your fines.

Most individuals have no idea how much work is necessary to resolve a violation/complaint. Often a certain type of permit is required.  There are generally any number of conversations, meetings, plans, inspections, certifications, and other documents that are required for a permit application. Once a permit application is complete, and submitted, an additional amount of time must be scheduled for plan review and permit approval. Time for the mitigation/construction process must also be considered.

Our Specialists know from experience, what it will take to reach full compliance.  Let The Permit Clinic calculate the full amount of time you need and use that knowledge to avoid and control additional fines.

Once we have determined the time needed for compliance and have informed the code enforcement official, a time extension is typically granted us.  Let The Permit Clinic “stop the clock” for you, long enough to reach full compliance and help you avoid additional fines.

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We analyze the details of your case

Each case is very different.  From experience we know, not only know what questions to ask, but also what documents to review, to get a clear understanding of your particular situation and be able to advise you on the best solutions to your code and permit challanges.  Let the specialists at The Permit Clinic analyze the details of your case.

There are comment sheets, inspection reports, professional certifications, surveys, plans, calculations and many other documents that combine to create a picture of permits.

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We report to you the services you will need

Almost all compliance or permit issues require many tasks to be solved properly. We know what services are needed (and what is not) and we report that list of tasks to you.  The most important point is that you need to have the list of the required tasks so you can make an informed decision as to how you wish to proceed. Let The Permit Clinic help you make an informed decision.

You may simply decide to have us handle your case completely, or you may want to handle some tasks yourself.  In any case the report we send you will enable you to select the tasks you wish us to perform for you.  Each task will be listed in the report, you can select the type of service you want.  Let The Permit Clinic report to you a comprehensive list of the necessary tasks that need to be performed to solve your particular issues.

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 We explain those services you need in detail

We work hard to provide the detail you need to understand your anticipated requirements.  Your report explains in detail the services and related tasks you need. The detailed explanations of the required tasks are designed to make it easier for you to understand your anticipated requirements. Let The Permit Clinic provide a report with the detailed explainations you need to make an informed decision of how to proceed.

We also describe in detail, the type of design professionals you will need to solve your particular issues and we describe in detail the type of municipal fees you can anticipate.  Let The Permit Clinic describe for you in detail the design professionals and municipal fees you should anticipate for your particular issues. 

After you understand the type of services and the list of tasks from the report that we provided, and you understand the list of anticipated design professionals and municipal fees, you should be able to have a better idea of how to solve your particular issues. Let The Permit Clinic explain the services and tasks related to solving your particular issues.

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We estimate the costs of those services

It is also very important for you to know what each each type of service will cost.  Your report will have a breakdown of the costs for each task that is necessary. Let The Permit Clinic estimate the individual costs related to helping solve your particular issues. 

Most solutions will involve the help of design professionals.  Let The Permit Clinic estimate the costs related to services performed by the design professionals for your particular issues.

Each Municipality has a different way of calculating their fees so we give you an estimate of what we expect the municipal fee to be. Let The Permit Clinic estimate the costs related to municipal fees for your particular issues. 

After you select the type of service you want and the tasks you wish to have done from the report that we provided, and include the anticipated professional design and municipal fees, you should be able to have a realistic idea of what the total cost should be to solve your particular issues. Let The Permit Clinic estimate the total costs related to solving your particular issues.

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We stand ready to fight for you

We will work hard to protect your rights!  If you received a code violation, or need permit anywhere in the State of Florida let “The Permit Clinic” solve that problem you have...

From start to finish, our team of code specialists will personally handle your case.   We will see your case through the process of code compliance and make sure you are satisfied with the services we provide.  Let The Permit Clinic handle your case.

And of course, should you have any questions along the way; we will always endeavor to have a live person on hand to answer them, day or night We stand ready to fight for you.

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